Adam Burgess

My Projects

Tarkov Time - Real time clock to Escape from Tarkov's clock - source at github

Escape from Tarkov has a day/night cycle.
This site shows you the time, and how long it will be to a future time. Deployed on Cloudflare Pages.
The time is also available as an API using CF Workers.
The entire website is a single HTML with all resources embedded. 13kb.

My version of LINQ (language integrated query) for JS - @adamburgess/linq on npm

I use C#'s IEnumerable extensions quite a lot, and the javascript version, linq.js, is very large.
My version is 1.29kb.

Cloudflare Pages Direct Uploader - @adamburgess/cloudflare-pages-direct-uploader on npm

Cloudflare Pages hosts static websites (with dynamic workers) such as my Tarkov Time.
Cloudflare have made a CLI called Wrangler that can directly publish websites to CF Pages, but I wanted a small utility that I could use programatically.
This small library achieves that goal.

Celeste High Frame Rate

Celeste is a fun platformer, with a banger soundtrack.
The developers lock the ingame framerate to 60 fps, which is in my opinion painful.
This small patch overrides that limitation, and the game easily hits 240fps. - source at github

A helper for ffmpeg's crop filter.
Drag and drop an image and select it to get a crop filter in the correct format.​@adamburgess/​linq uses webpack. I've found it gives slightly inaccurate results because of this.
I also wanted to get the brotlified sizes for my packages.
This builds the package with rollup. Deployed on
No UI as of yet, but it also generates shields – see the readme of my linq package above for examples.​image-builder

I build a lot (all) of my projects with Docker, so I've made my own base images.
Using Github Actions and a generated Makefile, they automatically update whenever a dependency changes – whether it be the docker image, an alpine package, a github/lab repo, or an npm package. - alpine-apk on npm

Alpine Linux is a minimal linux distro, great for docker.
I wanted to query its package manager, APK, from Node. - @adamburgess/nr on npm

NPM's package.json scripts is quite convenient for running things.
Yet, npm run X and yarn X are fairly slow - 150ms+.
nr is a simple bash script using jq to run scripts. 30ms. Much faster.